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About Us

The Good Things Collective is a Large Membership CIC based in Morecambe, UK.  We actively promote the role creativity can play in community life and building a sustainable future.  We were born of a belief that creativity is good for us and that collaboration is more effective than competition.  


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Our Story

Founded in 2015, born of a love for the area and the people in it, we believe that together we are more.  We are working together to add to and improve the place we call home, and unlike charities, we try to use of our skills and creativity to make what we do as self sustainable as possible.  Supporting our shop helps fund a wide range of activities and opportunities.  


Our shop is one part of what we do, but a great way to showcase what our community has to offer and share it with the wider world.  You'll find the items change over time as we develop new products and collaborations as a growing and evolving collective. 

The shop include Good Things Branded products, all made through collaborations with members of our collective.  These products also support a wide range of creative learning opportunities locally in our community.  We try to ensure they're not only creative and collaborative, but as environmentally conscious as possible.  We often use other people waste products and recycles things where we can.  We hope you like them!

Our shop also includes work by a wide range of artists, makers and designers involved in the Good Things Collective.  Covering a wide range of disciplines, mediums and styles.  These folks all share our values and do their bit to support making Good Things Happen in Morecambe.

If you want to find our more about the wider work we do, please visit our other site:

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