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Ceramic tumblers thrown at the wheel and then decorated by hand with a hidden message. The code on these tumblers translates to FML - making these perfect for a glass of wine at the end of a long day.


Glazed in a dark stormy blue glaze, each tumbler measures approx. 7x8cm with a volume of 250-350ml.


"I got into pottery years ago – a chance to get away from the stress of the world. In 2019 I survived an unexpected cardiac arrest. Embracing imperfection, trips to the sea and walks in the woods helped me get through this difficult time. ​


My work is inspired by nature, but also by human perseverance and strength. Our ability to find humour even in the darkest of times. My hands are now always covered in either clay from my studio, or soil from the allotment. My hobby turned into a full time job during the pandemic, when I realised how much other people needed the same escape that I got from clay. I began by offering 500g bags of clay from Holm Café in Lancaster City Centre at cost price, and the rest is history!"


FML Hand Thrown Wine Tumbler by Rae Ceramics


Size and shape does vary slightly since each is hand made.