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Drawn using unipin fineliners and inspired by long lockdown walks in Lancaster during the summer of 2020. Ashton Memorial sits at the highest point of Lancaster and offers stunning views over Lancaster and Morecambe, reaching out all the way to the Lake District.


Drawn in pigment ink and printed on high quality 300gsm Bockingford Hot Pressed  paper, in a white mount, ready for framing.


“I grew up in Durham and moved to Lancaster at 18, rediscovered my love for art during lockdown and have been mainly working in Fineliner pens and Ink. I have been exploring drawing buildings and landscapes, inspired by places I've lived or traveled to and other things I feel would be fun to draw! It's been an amazing experience getting the time to do this. I love a challenge and am actively looking for new and interesting things to do!” 

'Ashton Memorial' Digital Mounted Print/300gsm Bockingford Hot Pressed  Paper

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