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Panoramic greetings cards inspired by the view from Heysham. Printed onto 300 GSM Conqueror laid card. Measures 45 cm X 10.5 cm un folded.


“I have recently moved from Rossendale to Morecambe. I have always wanted to be an artist from an early age and mainly do paintings and drawings of my surroundings. I have exhibited in the UK and Holland. I worked as a pub sign painter for many years in London, Wales and the North West of England. After my degree in Fine Art at Newcastle I trained as an art teacher teaching in schools, hospitals and many varied venues. 

I have always made greeting cards which enable people to communicate more intimately than via the internet, old fashioned but still effective, which sums up myself as well!”

View from Heysham Panoramic Printed onto 300 GSM Conqueror Laid Card